KOLB Ltd. is a partnership which exists on the market since 1995, operating in the sector of steel structure manufacturers. Since then, the company realized a number of engineering and building projects for domestic and foreign customers. Most investment projects were realized on a domestic market but also abroad for European customers mainly in Germany and Austria.

Since 2008 KOLB Ltd. is a part of a Stalprofil Inc. capital group (one of the largest wholesalers of metallurgical materials in Poland) and is a dynamically growing company with an established market position.

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The company’s main activity is manufacturing and erection of steel structures such as:

prefabricated steel structure buildings:

  • production halls
  • trade & service halls, supermarkets and shopping malls
  • car dealership showrooms
  • petrol stations

steel structures:

  • for civil engineering and industry
  • elements of machines and equipment
  • transport systems elements
  • cranes structures
  • elements of high-storage systems


Capital group

Stalprofil Inc.

Stalprofil Inc. Since its establishment in 1988 has been part of the national steel industry. Today, the company is one of the major steel distributors in Poland, selling steel products to domestic and foreign markets.

Izostal Inc.

Izostal Inc. is a company engaged in the manufacture of technologically advanced external and internal corrosion protection for steel pipes used for the construction of gas and oil pipelines.