Steel structures

KOLB Ltd. and its staff have an extensive knowledge and experience in their field what allows us to realize both large and smaller investment projects as well. The company provides comprehensive services in the manufacturing and erection of steel structures for civil engineering and other industries.

Steel structures for civil engineering

The company's long-term activity is the manufacturing of steel structures for the building market. The offer includes:

  • manufacturing of steel hall buildings according to clients design;
  • manufacturing of steel columns, towers and poles;
  • manufacturing of all sorts of supporting structures for equipment and service platforms;
  • manufacturing of steel staircases, ladders and handrails;
  • coatings of manufactured steel structures with primer paints and topcoats, paints for fire protection;
  • hot deep galvanizing of manufactured steel structures.

Steel structures for machinery

In recent years, KOLB Ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing of products with a higher degree of processing. In the scope of production capacities, there are welded constructions for the machine industry, which require machining, trial assembly, installation of accessories and high quality of workmanship. Our offer includes:

  • manufacturing of steel structures for machinery and equipment;
  • manufacturing of elements for rolling stock assembly and repair systems;
  • manufacturing of elements for the needs of foundry;
  • manufacturing of stacker cranes for high-bay warehouses;
  • manufacturing of steel structures for technological production lines;
  • anti-corrosion protection by painting or hot deep galvanizing.

Erection of steel structures

KOLB Ltd. offers following services:

  • preassembly, assembly and erection of steel structures designed and manufactured by our company or delivered by the client;
  • assembly and erection of industrial facilities;
  • assembly of technological transport equipment;
  • reconstruction of technological production lines;
  • installation of heating and ventilation systems;
  • assembly of cladding, wall panels, roof coverings, windows and doors joinery.

We also realize non-typical assembly works depend on individual customer preferences.

Civil engineering

The complexity of services provided by KOLB Ltd. is emphasized by performing construction works in civil engineering as well. These services complement our offer and their wide range allow us to realize also “turn key” projects.

Comprehensive services for civil engineering

In the scope of our activities we also offer comprehensive services for civil engineering which include as follows:

  • consultancy and representation as a project supervisor (based on a power of attorney) in investment process from getting the construction permit up to operation permit;
  • design of cubic objects including belonging infrastructure (roads, parking lots, terminals, ect…);
  • ground works, demolition and renovation works, modernization of buildings and belonging Infrastructure;
  • delivery and assembly of large volume sized buildings like: trading halls, warehouses, production plants built in traditional way by bricklaying, made of steel structures with light cladding or done by “hybrid” method: iron concrete (including precast concrete) with steel structure elements with light cladding;
  • complex construction of commercial facilities: shops, supermarkets, shopping malls including equipment and internal installations;
  • bricklaying works and casting concrete works, industrial floors including floors on multistory parking lots, erection of steel structures and precast concrete;
  • assembly of light cladding and sandwich panels;
  • assembly of roof coverings, internal installations, connectors;
  • making roads, parking lots, sidewalks, pavements, roundabouts and crossings from any kind of surface including associated elements: bus stops, depots, road signs, landscaping elements;
  • green areas landscaping around investment;
  • transport services, rental of construction equipment, etc.

If you are looking for reliable partner in any kind of services that KOLB Ltd. has to offer than feel free to contact us through our website or phone. You can see our previous project realizations in a “Completed projects” tab on our website. In our partnership we believe that the key to the company success and the success of each project are the people who are involved in them. That is why we stress the importance of acquiring and keeping highly qualified and motivated staff at all levels. The great majority of employees work with us since the beginning of the company which together with an extensive training program has a beneficial influence to all the projects entrusted to KOLB Ltd.
Our experience in construction industry gained through the years also allowed us to select a group of reliable and responsible subcontractors, suppliers of metallurgical materials, building materials and machinery who like us are focusing on a satisfaction of the client.